FISU registration fees:

FISU shall receive from each competing country the following FISU registration fees:

  • Effective member associations of FISU: 20 EUR per athlete and official “with all membership fees payment in order”;
  • Other associations: 40 EUR per athlete and official;

FISU registration fees will be charged to the NUSF at the end of the WUC season and an invoice will be delivered and signed by the Head of Delegation of each participating country.

Participation fees:

  • The competing countries, upon arrival, shall pay their dues for participation fees 70 EUR per night and per person to the Organising Committee (in accordance with Art. 4.3 & 5.4).
  • a) Countries entering in team sports must pay to FISU five months before a deposit per team defined in the technical regulations of the concerned sport;
  • b) Countries entering in individual sports must pay to the Organising Committee three months before a prepayment of 25% of the participation fees for each athlete and official registered;
  • c) Upon their arrival each country must pay the remaining balance to the Executive Committee;

Travel costs

The countries shall be responsible for their own cost of travel to the nearest official point of entry (approved by FISU) of the Championship and return. The designated airport or other entry point must be approved by the FISU WUC Department.