Today we concluded the 2022 FISU World University Championship Canoe Sprint. We were able to watch as many as 12 finals today.

In the first one, in the K1 men 1000m category, the winner was a Pole, Wiktor Leszczynski. Second place went to Tomas Jusevicius, and third place to Slovakian Milan Dorner. After the competition, we asked him what he liked best about the Championships. “I like that the races were tough, I race with fast guys, especially Polish guys. The organization, this area and this whole venue – it was great.”

In the second final, in the K4 women 500m category, Poland’s Martyna Klatt, Sandra Ostrowska, Julia Olszewska and Julia Górska won. On the second place of podium stood the Czechs Katerina Zarubova, Barbora Betlachova, Stephanka Sobiskova and Eliska Betlachova. On the third were Hungarians Victoria Pardi, Vanda Zupko, Adel Peto and Netta Gabor. In the C1 men 1000m final category, Serghei Tarnovschi of Moldova won. The second was IIgnacio Calvo Moya from Spain, and third was Adrian Klos from Poland. A foursome from Poland: Piotr Morawski, Marcin Nowacki, Wojciech Pilarz and Filip Weckwert won the K4 men 1000m final. The Czech Republic’s Jozef Zahora, Jakub Remuta, Martin Sobisek and Ondrej Masek were second. On the last place of the podium were Hungarians Marton Istenes, Lorinc Halmy, Aron Nyerges and Grego Kovacs. Poland’s Helena Wisniewska won the K1 women 500m category. Just behind her was Czech Anezka Paloudova, and the third was Vanda Zupko from Hungary. In the C1 men category, Serghei Tarnovschi of Moldova won again. Oleksii Koliadych of Poland was second, and Iignacio Calvo Moya of Portugal was third. A duo from Poland consisting of Jakub Stepun and Bartosz Grabowski won the K2 men 500m category. On second place were Portuguese Gustavo GonÇalves and Pedro Casinha. In third place were Czechs Tomasz Sobisek and Jakub Brabec. In the K2 men 1000m, the winners were Germans Jan Bechthold, Nico Paufler. Just behind them were Czechs Vladimir Cerman and Jakub Stejskal. The bronze medal went to Steven Henry and Guillaume of France. In the next final, the C2 men 1000m, was won by Czechs Vojtech Novacek and Josef Havlik. The second place belonged to Spaniards Iignacio Calvo Moya and Gonzalo Moreno Costales. The last place on the podium went to Lithuanians Arturas Golovac and Ignas Serafinas. Two teams competed in the C4 men 500m final. The winner was the team from Poland: Oleksii Koliadych, Mateusz Borgieł, Remigiusz Nowaczyk and Adrian Kłos. They were followed by Spaniards Gonzalo Moreno Costales, Iignacio Calvo Moya, Yeray Garcia Vidal, Diego Gonzales Ormazabal. In the K2 women’s 500m final, Polish women Martyna Klatt and Sandra Ostrowska won. In second place were Czech women Katerina Zarubova and Barbora Betlachova. In the last place stood France’s Marie Huguet and Capucine Dubut. In the last final of this competition, the Poles were victorious again. In the K4 men 500m category, the winners were Jakub Stepun, Bartosz Grabowski, Przemysław Korsak and Wiktor Leszczynski. Second were Portuguese Iago Bebiano, Rúben Boas, Rafael Oliveira, Gustavo Goncalves. In third place were Vasyl Smilka, Vladyslav Voloshyn, Vitalii Brezitskyi, Vitalii Bystrevskyi from Ukraine.

After all the finals, a medal ceremony was held. Shortly after we could all witness the Closing Ceremony. The 2022 FISU World University Championship Canoe Sprint has officially finished! Thank you all for the sporting spirit you showed during the championship! Congratulations to all the winners! We will miss you all!