On the second day of the competition, we watched nine finals. Although the weather forecasts were not optimistic, the competition went very smoothly.

In the C1 women 500m category, the winner was Julia Walczak from Poland. Second place went to Canada’s Amelia Wojtyk, and third place to Elora Helle from France. In the second final of today, in the K1 Men 200m category, Portuguese Pedro Casinha won. The second was Valerii Harap of Ukraine, and the third was Tomas Jusevicius of Lithuania. In the C2 Men 200m, the Spanish team of Diego Gonzalez Ormazabal and Yeray GarcÍa Vidal won. Second placed were Poles Oleksii Koliadych and Remigiusz Nowaczyk. Third were Germans Leonard Bals and Nico Pickert. Poles Martyna Klatt and Sandra Ostrowska won the K2 women 200m category. Second were Portuguese Mafalda Germano and Inês Costa, and third were Czechs Katerina Zarubova and Barbora Betlachova. In the fifth final today, Jakub Stepun and Bartosz Grabowski won the K2 men 200m category. Right behind them were Vasyl Smilka and Vitalii Bystrevskyi from Ukraine. On the last place on the podium were Portuguese Iago Bebiano and Refael Oliveira. Serghei Tarnovschi from Moldova won the C1 men 200m category. Oleksii Koliadych from Poland was second, and Spaniard Diego Gonzalez Ormazabal was third.

After the morning medal ceremony, we asked the gold medalist about his emotions right now. “I’m very happy with the result. It’s my first medal at FISU World University Championship. This distance is not easy for me, because I usually start at 1000m or 500m. I’m very happy to have a gold medal in 200 m distance.”

The C4 men 1000 m final was won by the Spanish team consisting of Iignacio Calvo Moya, Yeray GarcÍa Vidal, Diego Gonzalez Ornazabal, Gonalo Moreno Costales. The second place went to the Poles: Krystian Krzyzanowski, Mateusz Borgieł, Konrad Dralus, Adrian Kłos. Only two teams competed in this final. In the C2 women 500m category, Polish women Julia Walczak and Ewelina Antos won. Second place went to Canadian Amelia Wojtyk and Evie McDonald, and third place went to Portuguese Inês Penetra and Beatriz Lamas. In the last final today, two silver medals were awarded. The K1 men 1000 category was won by Germany’s Nico Paufler. Silver medals were awarded to Czech Tomas Sobisk and Pole Przemyslaw Korsak. At the end of the day, a second medal ceremony was held.

The last day of the championship is ahead of us. We can’t wait for the coming surge of sporting emotions! See you tomorrow at Brdyujscie regatta course!