With less than a month to the Bydgoszcz 2022 FISU World University Championship Canoe Sprint, we asked Mr. Remigiusz Nowaczyk – canoeist representing the Republic of Poland during the championship a few questions.

Remigiusz Nowaczyk

You are participating in Bydgoszcz 2022 FISU World University Championship Canoe Sprint. What club are you going to represent?

I am representing KS POSNANIA Poznań.

What competition will you compete in?

At the FISU Championship Canoe Sprint, I will compete in the canoe (C) competition.

Is this year’s FISU World University Championship the first international competition in which you will compete, or is your international debut already behind you? If so, tell us about feelings that accompanied you then.

This is not my first competition of this type, I have already participated in several international events. The most important of these for me, so far, was the 2019 ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint World championships. The feeling during an international competition is amazing. You can feel then why we are doing it. It is accompanied by a tremendous excitement of being able to test ourselves against the best. There is the magnitude of experience, humility and motivation.

How did your adventure with canoe sports start?

A friend took me to one of the clubs in Bydgoszcz (UKS Kopernik Bydgoszcz), as he himself had already started training there. Well, and this is how my adventure with canoe sports began. Inspired by the Olympic multi-medalist Beata Mikołajczyk (an alumna of my first club) and, you can already say my older brother, Dawid Putto, I decided to go to the Sports Championship School in Walcz. I am currently training under the guidance of Sydney 2000 Olympic silver medalist. – Coach Pawel Baraszkiewicz.

What are your dreams related to the sport? What medals would you like to reach for in the future?

My dream, like probably every athlete, is an Olympic medal. I would very much like to go to the Olympic Games and proudly represent my country there.

How do you assess your form this season? Do you think you will be able to reach for a medal at this year’s FISU World University Championship?

The form? Hm… as they say: “It could always be better”. I believe that this season my form is good and that I will be able to reach for medals at this year’s FISU World University Championship.

Thank you Mr. Remigiusz Nowaczyk for your time! We wish you to win as many medals as possible at the upcoming championships and gold medals at the Olympic Games in the future!

See you soon at Brdyujście Regatta Course!